The collaborative component of Island Touch is a unique approach to shared space with other independent healing arts practioners. This allows for a range of healing modalities that compliment overall health and wellness under one roof.

Our goal is to provide a breeding ground for independent healers/therapists to support, promote and educate each other in a collaborative non-competitive shared space. This offers the opportunity for independent practitioners to realize their dream of having an affordable private practice full or part time and enjoy the abundance of community and prosperity in all its forms. These independent business owners set their own hours, rates and schedules. Please contact them directly. You will find their contact info beside their bio and picture ....

If you are interested in renting space for your own private practice please contact Alaina Rastelli.


Patricia Romijn

Patricia Romjin is a certified and licensed Five Element Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist.

Her story
Patricia graduated from MA Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 1999. For nearly the first decade of her work, Patricia owned and operated a practice in Central Massachusetts working mostly with athletes and deep tissue massage.  Now, in this second decade of her work, she lives on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard where her work steadily evolves.  Her practice, education and passion have taken on different forms of bodywork incorporating techniques such as fascial stretch therapy, meridian based massage, zero balancing, vacu-therapy, and other various therapeutic tools gained along the way.  She implements pieces of these methods and tailors them to meet your needs.
Patricia received a Masters Degree in 2007 from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture.  The Five Element theory is an integrated system of Acupuncture that gathers protocols from Korean, Japanese and Chinese modalities.  Acupuncture works to remove blocks and move life force energy, through various protocols.
As a practitioner, Patricia enjoys assisting others on their journey to their own personal wellness, rediscovering health and connection of body-mind-spirit.  Applying the laws of nature and its wisdom, she incorporates hands-on bodywork and acupuncture modalities.  Through various forms of bodywork sessions, nature can find balance within body-mind-spirit.  The goal being, that clients experience a deeper sense of quality in his or her life.



Stacey Forend
Mind Body Spirit

Stacey Forend of Mind, Body, Spirit is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in autoimmune disease. She is also the founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Fibromyalgia Support Group which has merged with her coaching practice.

Her story :
While working toward her Bachelors degree in Psychology with the University of Phoenix in 2010 she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and her schooling abruptly came to an end. She then began her journey into healing herself by herself and has been free of Fibromyalgia since 2014. She is a current student with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and being taught by the worlds top renowned health and wellness professionals. Leading a health conscience lifestyle she practices yoga, pranayama and meditation, receives a variety of holistic treatments, is a member of NisaFit - an outdoor boot camp style workout group, enjoys reading, hiking, nature, relaxing on the beach, working with crystals and essential oils, and attending health expos. Stacey will offer you the tools necessary in healing yourself by yourself and will guide you along your health and wellness journey of being your best you.

She moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 1994 with her now husband, Joshua, and together they have raised their two beautiful children - Skylah and Joshua Jr


Josh Montoya

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Josh Montoya is a skilled practitioner and teacher of hatha yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Buddhist meditation, with over two decades of experience.
Traditionally practiced in Buddhist monasteries, Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful form of applied yoga therapy. Combining deep tissue compression, assisted yoga stretches, and oscillatory/harmonicmovements, this work treats the whole body by opening energy, physical, and emotional blockages.
A session is carried out on futon without the use of oil. The patient wears light and comfortable clothing

Josh’s principle teachers of Thai Yoga Therapy are Jonas Westring (Thailand), and David Lutt (France and Thailand).


Jessica Crawford LMT,RYT

Massage and Bodywork
 Jessica’s massage therapy practice is deep and integrative, with the aim of releasing the blocks, stagnation, and holdings within the body-mind loop, helping to restore her clients to their original state of freedom and ease. She uses a client specific customized blend of massage and bodywork modalities ranging from rhythmic circulatory massage, deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release technique, acupressure and meridian therapy, as well as passive stretching and joint mobilization. She is a natural hands on energy healer and a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practitioner and brings this work to her sessions as she is called to or upon request.
Jessica is also a practioner of HeartMind Shiatsu, a style of Shiatsu founded in the holistic disciplines of Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Floor-based Bodywork Therapy. HeartMind Shiatsu is a powerful approach to healing a variety of modern conditions, linking a graceful coordinated bodywork practice with conscious cultivation of HeartMind understanding. These sessions are given on a comfortable shiatsu mat on the floor in a zenspace; clients wear loose or movement oriented comfortable clothing.

Jessica has been a practitioner of yoga for nearly 20 years and a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2008. Coming from a background in competitive gymnastics, Jessica fell in love with the deeply regenerative, restorative, and self-healing aspects of yoga. After a decade of practicing in several lineages and styles such as Bikram, Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa, Jessica attended Nosara Yoga Instiutefor a 200hr YTT in Interdiscipinary Yoga. She has been teaching in both group class settings and with private clients between Colorado and Martha’s Vineyard ever since.
The perpetual student, passionate about self-discoveryand expansion of consciousness, Jessica was led to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and knew she struck gold. Moved by the power of transformation that this tradition instantly brought to her life and inspired to share it with others, she enrolled in the KRI Aquarian Teacher Level 1 200hr training at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA. She is honored and excited to be offering classes in this sacred science to the island beginning in the Spring of 2017. Kundalini Yoga is both a physical and a meditative practice that helps us to actualize our Higher Self, to awaken the full potential of our awareness, to cultivate inner stillness, and to prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.
Jessica offers one on one or small group private yoga sessions in both Hatha Yoga-based Vinyasa and KundaliniYoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She teaches group classes at Yoga On The Vine ( in Edgartown, MA.
Her summer group class schedule is:
Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30-8:30am and Fridays 6:30-8pm in Kundalini Yoga


Abigail Gallant LMT, RYT, Reiki, Thai Massage, Flying Therapuetics

Thai Massage
The client wears comfortable clothes (think gym/yoga) and lays on a mat on the floor. Often called “lazy persons yoga” the therapist gracefully moves the clients body into several yoga positions and works different energy (Sen) lines along the body that line up with many major muscle groups blending rhythmic pressing, joint mobilization and stretching. Thai massage enhances strength and flexibility, relaxes sore or tense muscles, and can help to recapture lost range of motion. By encouraging lymphatic function, this traditional massage can also detoxify the body, heighten the immune system, and prevent disease and/or injury by promoting flexibility.

Flying Therapeutics
"Flying therapeutics is a bodywork practice where clients benefit from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment. It helps induce and create a deep and comforting connection with ones inner child”
A practice of clear communication from therapist to client and a practice of trust from client to therapist we move together with breath and intention to safely maneuver between several inverted positions. The experience is deeply nurturing and nourishing leaving the client feeling light and aligned both energetically and physically. A truly wonderful addition to a Thai massage session!