An Island Touch is a team of practitioners who have undertaken our health education and understanding of the human body as a life purpose. We are a team of strong and gifted therapists possessing a united passion for helping others; each one of us having the ability to use our education and experience to the fullest, resulting in quality service to all our clients. While being sensitive and compassionate, we take our clients’ needs seriously and are fully committed to their recovery.

A team of practitioners that are motivated in a spirit of collaboration; utilizing a strong referral network within our establishment and the community to best serve our client needs.


Alaina Rastelli LMT,NMT,IET

As owner of The Island Touch Center and a Licensed Massage Therapist Alaina is trained and certified in over 38 massage modalities. In addition, her love for the human body and how it can overcome and restore itself has been her life-long curiosity and awe leading her into further education and certification in Herbal Medicine, she is a Certified Personal Trainer, trained in Art Therapy and the Mind Body Connection, is a Reiki Master and trained in the advanced techniques of Integrated Energy Theraputics.

With over 22 years experience her bodywork style weaves together Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular techniques with a therapeutic flow; facilitating each session to the clients needs and goals. She addresses physical issues with regard to structural alignment, injury, range of motion and lifestyle habits. Encouraging mind-body awareness and educating clients to take an active role in their own healing and personal development. Alaina has a skillful and attentive approach to her bodywork that creates a nurturing and effective experience.

Whether you are seeking a deeply relaxing massage, recovering from an injury or incorporating preventative health maintenance; Alaina is able to work within your individual focus and create a session or series of sessions to suit you.


jessica therapist.jpeg

Jessica Crawford LMT,RYT

Jessica’s journey into the world of healing touch began in her late teens as she was spontaneously motivated to offer massage and energy work to her friends. She had an instinctual and intuitive calling to engage in this work. After finishing her Bachelor’s degree and facing the possibilities of career and lifework, she soon found herself enrolled in a certification course for massage therapy and has been working, living, and growing within the field of healing arts ever since.
 Her massage therapy practice is deep and integrative, with the aim of releasing the blocks, stagnation, and holdings within the body-mind loop, helping to restore her clients to their original state of freedom and ease. She uses a client specific customized blend of massage and bodywork modalities ranging from rhythmic circulatory massage, deep tissue therapy, neuromuscular therapy, myofascialrelease technique, acupressure and meridian therapy, as well as passive stretching and joint mobilization. She is a natural hands on energy healer and a Usui Shiki RyohoReiki Practitioner and brings this work to her sessions as she is called to or upon request.
Jessica is also a practioner of HeartMind Shiatsu, a style of Shiatsu founded in the holistic disciplines of Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Floor-based Bodywork Therapy. HeartMind Shiatsu is a powerful approach to healing a variety of modern conditions, linking a graceful coordinated bodywork practice with conscious cultivation of HeartMind understanding. These sessions are given on a comfortable shiatsu mat on the floor in a zenspace; clients wear loose or movement oriented comfortable clothing.
Jessica offers one on one or small group Private Yoga Sessions in both Hatha Yoga-based Vinyasa and KundaliniYoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Check out her Island Touch Collaborative page for more information on this!



Abigail Gallant
LMT, RYT, Reiki, Thai Massage, Flying Therapuetics

Abigail’s first Reiki practitioner training in 2011 was the inspiration to begin her studies into assisting others on their healing journey. After completing her second Reiki training she attended The Massage School in Easthampton, became a licensed massage therapist and spent her first summer on Martha’s Vineyard in 2013. With the opportunity to work at Tapas Hot Yoga as an LMT it opened up her world to the beauty of a dedicated yoga practice and she quickly fell in love. In 2014 she did her training for Thai massage in Northampton, MA with Breathing Deeply and before returning to the Vineyard in 2015 she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training in power vinyasa at Seacoast Power yoga in Exeter, NH. As a lover of movement, connection and open-hearted trust she found AcroYoga, an exploration of partner based yoga and acrobatics as well as a form of inverted therapeutic massage and extension of the Thai massage practice. Always a student, she has attended over a hundred of hours of workshops and trainings that include inversions, arm balances, Yin yoga, dance, meditation, Thai massage and AcroYoga.

Dedicated practice, intentional presence and constant play is the foundation of what Abigail chooses to offer through her work. Moving with mindfulness and focus on breath are the pillars of her teaching. She offers many cued suggestions to assist in using curiosity and imagination to feel a new way in your body. Each session or class is unique allowing the energy and ability of the individual to create the flow.

Abigail offers Thai Yoga Massageand small groupYoga Therapeutics. Check out her Island Touch Collaborative page for more information on this!

Megan Kershaw LMT,RYT

A native of Cape Cod, Megan is thrilled to be working with clients on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Her work in organic farming and yoga ultimately lead her to pursue a career in bodywork, viewing these passions as the perfect triad intersecting body, mind and spirit- the whole health package! Megan received her 200 hour YTT from the Asheville Yoga Center in 2014, and, inspired to learn more about anatomy, healing, and the transformative power of touch, continued on to receive her massage therapy education at the Asheville School of Massage & Yoga.
Megan views every session as an opportunity to help you quiet the mind and put you in touch with your body. Her intention is always that of promoting well-being by way of total relaxation, believing it is in this state that the body’s innate ability to restore and heal itself is supported. Her sessions will leave you feeling both relaxed and energized; able to step back into your life in a more balanced and embodied way.